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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bamboo Man?

We live in a world of which the societal definitions of what is masculine and feminine are ever changing, almost to the point of becoming amorphous. I have a new role model. just discovered him a few days ago in a WeAreChange youtube video, and I was impressed with his intelligence and integrated view on personal health and world affairs. His name is Elliot Hulse. He's a Holistic Health Coach that wants you to become the Strongest Version of yourself you can be. He's uncompromising. He's positive. He understands the necessity for energetic as well as physical work to create a healthy body. He's intense. My kind of guy. In the video below, Elliot talks about how to be a 'Tender Aggressive Man'. What is that? Well, basically the ideal I've wanted to create in myself for years. Sometimes I'm in an aggressive mode, and that feels good, but things get too intense. Sometimes I'm tender and yielding, but so much so a feather can't land on me for fear of being bruised lol. So I decided, since the spiritual path is the middle path, I need to have the best of both worlds. Before I saw this video, I didn't know there were other men that had the understanding of how to have both. I was hooked as soon as I heard him utter the following in this vid: Wow. The dude is on point. While I don't want to enter a strongman contest, he definitely got me motivated again to get back in the gym and do some different breathing techniques that I have picked up in my practice. There is a philosophy in martial arts--to be like Bamboo. It's basically all of the Tao Te Ching in a Tree. The trunk of the Bamboo tree is hard, yet it is yielding. It has both qualities fully alive within it, this is one of the reasons Bamboo is used in martial arts to create weapons like staffs. Skip up to 1:29 in this video: This is just to show you how flexible bamboo is, though the fight is impressive, too. So, I will take the middle path of being flexible and sturdy, and, when applying it to a man, I call it Bamboo. The man of the past needed to be rigid, needed to set hard boundaries, needed to be emotionally stoic to a certain extent. Now that the power of woman is coming to light, the man of the past doesn't know what to do because he is trained to separate, create boundaries. So any form of aggression is met with aggression. But force will not work here. The man of the past must become a Bamboo Man. He must cultivate the realities of 'yield' and 'resist', simultaneously. (Not to the feminine, but within himself.) He must surrender and fight. He must be aggressive and tender. This reminds me of the dynamic of balance between structure and flow. Some people are really structured. Some go with the flow. But imagine a person who is able to do both, to BE both, simultaneously, right here in this moment. That person is Bamboo. And don't get it twisted, I think this philosophy can be applied by women too. It's just that the video is about cultivating these qualities in a man. Seeing another man that has a powerful realization of how to merge tenderness and aggression resonates with me so powerfully. Who inspires you to walk the middle path of Bamboo-ness? Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

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