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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's Over 9000!!! Deeper levels of power

Goku is one of the greatest stories and heroes in pop culture today. If you don't know who he is, Goku is a superpowered martial arts master in the Dragonball series. He is an alien from another planet called a Saiyan, it's similar to the Superman story. Anyway, the main theme of Dragonball is training the body, mind, and spirit to reach new levels of power. The transformations you see in each character of the Dragonball series, especially Goku, show you that characters can develop prowess in all aspects of their lives. As a Saiyan, Goku is able to access deeper and greater levels of power when he fights. If an opponent becomes overwhelming while he is in a normal state, Goku can go to level of power called 'Super Saiyan' where his hair turns from black to blond, stands straight up, and increases his 'power level'/chi/prana/internal energy one hundred-fold. This means that all aspects of his ability to fight become increased by that amount as well--his speed, strength, intuition, accuracy, and connection to spirit. There are four levels of Super Saiyan in total, each at an exponentially greater degree of power than the last. There was a sequence in Dragonball Z in which Goku accessed the third level of Super Saiyan, which not only turned his hair blond, but made his hair extremely long, reaching down past his thighs. In the sequence of his transformation, many abstract images were shown to symbolize what it felt like to become an SS3, including an image of Goku as a baby in the fetal position with a backdrop of the Earth in space. Whoa, powerful. In Dragonball GT, the series after Dragonball Z, Goku reaches the fourth level of Super Saiyan, and in that sequence of his transformation, images are shown of him being nude and standing next to his younger form as a child. Very deep stuff. The two sequences of transformation included images of a baby, a child, and nudity. Remain mature here, folks. Those things all symbolize purity and vulnerability, two qualities of children and babies. They also represent instinct, what babies express as a result of tens of thousands of years of evolution (at least among us humans anyway). With purity, vulnerability, and instinct going hand in hand with great degrees of power, I learned for myself that if I want to greater understand the power within me, I need to go deep within myself, be willing to be vulnerable, to tap into the power purity of instinct. Another way to say instinct could be primordial energy. This is what helps me to be in my power. The same can go for everyone, too. Humanity is so trained to use their intellect to solve everything, but it doesn't create more love, more connection to Source, more power. It merely reasons based upon the stimuli it is given. Tapping deep into our selves and not being afraid to be vulnerable will help us to transcend the limitations of being trapped in our intellect and access deeper levels of power. We may not increase in power the way Goku does, but you can guarantee the experience will be just as powerful for us in our growth and evolution. Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

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