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Thursday, August 22, 2013


Oh, I forgot: "...and how to make a good one." In this entry I am talking about how to make a good Superman video game. It astounds me how, no matter what the medium, Superman isn't quite done right...there's always some element missing in the movies. The reason why the 1978 film worked was because it kept the heart of Superman alive, it was entertaining with a fresh new take on Clark/Superman/Kal-El, and it was a lot of fun! Sure the whole time-travel thing was cheesy, but again, it was the heart of the character that made this movie iconic. Superman is not hard to do. For a hippie like myself, who's into amny different modes of subtle energy sciences like Yoga and Qigong, Superman is a walk in the park. But I digress, and I don't want to lose you, because I'm also a big fucking nerd :D Create a Superman game that shows the true range of his power, show a Superman who can fly at Supersonic speed. Give players the ability to engage in realistic (for Superman) fights with other demigods like himself. Can you imagine what a fight with Doomsday would be like on the PS4?!? I'm smacking myself to stay out of that stupor. Next gen consoles and processors are going to blow our minds away. After seeing the 5 minute presentation of GTA 5, I have no doubt that the capabilities for PS4 and others can be pushed to create an entire planet of information. Well, maybe that'll be for the PS5, which may come out sooner than you think. Besides, they're already developing it, that's how Playstation always has a new console fo' yo' ass every six years. Anyway, people, get creative with Superman. Why Synder took away the crystals is beyond me. The crystals are important! We need a New Age Indigo Child making Superman. That's the only way we'll get it right. I'd love to make the video game/movie myself, but I have some film lessons I have to take, as well as video game design. Here's to my career in entertainment! Wait, did I end up making this entire article about me? Yup. Excelsior, G.A.B.E. P.S. Look at this gameplay from Superman Returns--supercorny! C'mon, make it hot! Why do you think 'Man of Steel' doesn't have a video game?

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