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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Watch Dogs and the New 'Technology Age'

Jesus, this game is going to be PHENOMENAL, check out this interview with Dominic Guay, the Producer of the highly anticipated Watch Dogs. WATCH DOGS Interview with the Producer Just for the record, watch Dogs is a game set in the near future starring a guy who has nearly unlimited access to digital data about nearly every person in a fictional city by hacking. He also can hack into security programs, manipulating cameras and other mechanical functions. While this game looks definitely amazing, the moral implications of living in a digital society come into play. Meanwhile in real life, the government wants you to get implanted with an RFID chip--creating the beginnings of cyborgs-- with all your information on it, claiming it would help because you wouldn't have to carry cash or ID. Convenient, right? Well, maybe not so much. Mandatory RFID chip? If you have ever seen the anime Ghost in the Shell (warning this clip is not for kids) you'll get a glimpse into what an nearly completely digital/cyborg world is like. Imagine someone you'll never meet being able to hack into your thoughts, your emotions, your memories, your senses, all with a simple code and hitting enter. This digital territory should be handled very delicately if humanity is to come out of this with our souls. Sounds extreme to you, doesn't it? Well, we're not that far from a cyborg world in actuality: Mind Typing and PC Control with Brain-Computer Interface And here are some other examples: Operate the Computer with your Mind! and: Quadriplegia woman feeds herself chocolate using mind Controlled robotic arm I'm not against the advancement of technology, these kinds of things above are pretty cool, but not just for its own sake. I believe that the hearts and minds of creators go into their creation, and if we have the world's greatest minds creating tech, but not the world's greatest hearts, we can find ourselves in a soulless society indeed. We as humans need to know that we are all connected, and we need to love one another before we drop this kind of tech. If we don't we'll repeat the same patterns of death and destruction as before, but it will be the death and destruction of the very thing that makes us all human. Okay, Watch Dogs isn't about cyborgs, it's about digitizing everything else. But what do you think comes next? Yes, us, and if the government is making it madantory, you can bet it's not really for our safety, it's to destroy our free will. I originally wanted to make this post only a 'big-ups' to Watch Dogs, but then I realized I'd better give some perspective on it as well. I can enjoy a game but not support its suggestions as to how humanity is, and what our future is. Naw, that's a programming mechanism. The premise of the game also seems to make you feel like God, basically, able to hack into and control anything and everything you come into contact with. Weak minds may associate Uncle Sam's plans with a personal feeling of god-hood. I don't know, what are your thoughts on the new technology age? Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

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