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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Continued Account of Excelsior Joymagic

I have incarnated into the body of what is called "African-American" for this lifetime, and I am a mage, a wizard. I have noticed, whilst I was tucked away in the hidden layers of my host's consciousness that what is termed 'pop culture' tends to depict magical beings as being descendants of those from the Caucausus Mountains, or 'white people'. I have also noticed that if there are any brown skinned people that are magical in pop-culture, they are depicted as an evil witch doctor, or a stereotypical wise yet profoundly naive "Native American". All these preconceptions need to be thrown out. Sure they are possibilities, but they need to be thrown out now because people are too attached to them. A mage is a Highly Learned Being of the subtle realms of manifestation--period. I have nothing against any 'race' as my consciousness has incarnated into many of them over tens of thousands of years. I was once part of a secret Celtic order in another body many hundreds of years ago, when the magical language we used was Latin, and this is one of the reasons I am called Excelsior. Excelsior reveals the intent of my life. It means, again, 'ever upward' not signifying physical movement toward the earth's atmosphere and beyond, but 'upward' in consciousness. "Expansion" refers to the quality of my 'ever upwardness". Each time I raise my consciousness I become many times expanded, by exponential bounds, with the ability to see like the owl spirit. "Serendipity" is my clan title. It shows respect, like 'sir' 'ma'am' and also has the intent of 'Mr.' or 'Mrs.' I have said these things before in the last entry but I feel they beg repeating, and specification. Joymagic is the Clan I belong to, the nature of how our magic works. We must cultivate great joy in ourselves, our village, and our natural environments in order that the forces of nature (in Old Kemet called the 'Neteru') will be pleased with us and gift us with power, making us manifestation catalysts. The Catalysis of manifestation is the essential point of magic. In addition, magic is the ability to reach outside of time and space and basically fold it on itself so manifestation happens more quickly. If I conjure a pen before me out of thin air, it took less 'time' to manifest it that if I had to go through 'space' to get a pen in the next room. The same would be the case if I had teleported the pen in the next room into my hand, as opposed to wasting energy creating a new one. It takes less time, but more skill. It takes more skill in the ability to feel the subtle realms, to manipulate them, and to have those realms echo in the physical realm. In past lives I have had years of practice with this, but this time around, I seem to have forgotten much. No matter. It can be learned again. And so I set out on a journey to guide my human-self to a self-chosen destiny. Neither I nor he are aware of what it is. However we both understand that riding the golden wave of joy that we have seen in the Lands of Subtle Dreams is the ticket to knowing, and, perhaps, that wave is also the destination. Yours in confidence, Excelsior Expansion Joymagic aka G.A.B.E.

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