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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hollywood movies? No, create your own movie

Let me tell you the truth. Hollywood is going fuckin' crazy. Every other day I'm hearing about a reboot with some comic book or other popular franchise instead of hearing about a fresh, new take on moviemaking with a completely new and original series, not based on a godfamn comic book or collection of novels. They're even taking actors and crossing comic book franchises (Ryan Reynolds once as Deadpool in the Wolverine prequel, then as Green Lantern) or crossing Universes within the same franchise (Mark Strong as Sinestro, now they want him to be Lex Luthor).   I totally thought movies were going to go in a more adventurous direction once we stopped wading in the almost ten years of mediocrity. I haven't been blown away since the Dark Knight series, (and I'm talking just the first two).   So, my question is, why are movies going in this direction? And to expand into another entertainment genre, why are video games becoming better than friggin' movies? It's almost like Hollywood's going into war time again with all the effort their putting into entertainment! Wait, are they?   During world war II there was a plethora of propaganda being aimed at the masses for pro-America anti-Hitler programming. Back then everybody in the states went to the movies. Movies were the thing. Movies took your mind off of the troubles of war, but also fed you pro-war programming through subconscious manipulation.   You see, I love movies, but I never trust Hollywood. They are always slamming some idea down your throat with their supposed blockbusters. Now all of a sudden they have the money and technology to make movies into a highly immersive and engaging hypnotic experience, making them nearly irresistible to this current generation of movie goers--and with the economy the way that it is (it's not doing as well as you think it is), you can bet another depression is in the works, and, following, another war.   That one's more direct, but I hope you understand what I'm getting at here.   Now I'm not saying these things will absolutely happen, I'm just saying 'look at the patterns of history'. Every time there has been a depression there has been a war right after. Why? Because the big-wigs swindle all the people's money and put it into war, while taking a portion of the money to continue to program you to think that this war is necessary, and to send your children to die needlessly.   In 1913, the Federal Reserve was started, a private organization that prints money out of thin air for you to use while stealing your real wealth. ONE YEAR LATER, the Great War was fought, wwI. Nineteen years later the U.S. government demanded that we turn in all our gold, four years after the great depression. Six years after the gold swindle, wwII started.   There were a few wars in between then and now involving the U.S., but I want to skip up to this point. Now the American people are on the brink of one of the worst depressions in history, and you can certainly bet a war is coming after it.   I'm not talking about the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, or others. That was child's play. I'm talking about Syria. China, Iran, the places the government hasn't touched in our names. And all the while we're being fed these over-bloated movies with very little substance, and they're being rebooted every two years. They're even saying they want to reboot the Terminator franchise! REALLY?!? What's with that? What happened to creativity? The answer is it doesn't matter, as long as the movies keep you asleep to the dark deeds carried out in your name. Here is a rare good report exposing those deeds:   Again, I'm not saying I'll never watch another movie, I love the art of movie creation and analysis too much. I'm just saying that, with any art, it can be used for good or ill, but that is, in truth, determined by the viewer's awareness.   This is a pretty dark article (if you want it to be) from what I usually post, but I just write what I observe in the world. It's realities like these that I discuss here that make Empower Network all the more powerful. For once, there is a system that believes in your potential to do great things, and gives you the tools to get there. I believe it. I know it. I walk this path with everything in me.   The experience of war doesn't have to be our reality if we don't choose. We can awaken and Empower ourselves to lock arms and LOVE THE FORCES OF EVIL, for we are one with them. I know Dave squared likes to say 'fight the forces of evil' but what you fight, you become. Every war we've ever fought, for every person that was coldly murdered and abused on our side, we've had to become a cold blooded murderer and abuser to fight them. It's a rule of war.   But we can choose a new future. We can choose a new 'real-life' movie. We can choose a world of peace, because the only reason we fight, is because someone says we should and we believe them--and the truth is they are the last beings we should put our faith in! Let's take our power back, make a lot of money (because money is just a tool anyway) and shape this world the way we want to make it. I for one will be making my own movies very soon. I have a lot of original ideas with great stroies that need to see the big screen pronto, and they have uplifting message of hope, peace, love, and happiness, while being just as entertaining as the other hollywood nonsense. What do you have to share with the world? Let's do this. Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

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