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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

BE LOVE, Love and Children

I am LOVE. I am not a person. Loving a child is spiritual practice. When I woke up this morning, I attempted to shake off the sleep and come back to the world, in the process remembering that I had crashed over my friend's house. Just before I was getting ready to leave, a child came out of her bedroom. Yes, my friend has children. I tried to leave before they awoke, so I wouldn't disturb them. I decided to stay, because I didn't just want to abruptly leave. I sat down on the couch, she sat in my lap, and we reclined for about 45 min. The whole time I wasn't thinking about what I had to do for the day. I was relaxing into the moment. Into a tiny being that was radiating powerful love. It melted my heart, and I sank deeper and deeper into my beingness--Love. I was taking in everything for what it was, and the love was so powerful I wanted to cry. Instead my cry came out as a smile--complete surrender to the moment. I took out my ipod and we listened to some Maneki Neko together, lost in Chillin' Consciousness. As we relaxed more and more, we started breathing in sync. Every cell of my body relaxed. Then, she removed her the ipod headphone from her ear, and she slowly got up. I realized that I had woken up tired, but that chill session had given me energy. That's when I realized that, possibly, it was not the child that needed my love, but it was I that needed hers. Or maybe both us of us needed each other. Either way, I considered that 45 minutes as part of my spiritual practice today. My friend's daughter had left my lap so promptly that it felt like it was divinely timed. Loving children is a powerful form of the inner Guru. My man Osho once said "A child doesn't need your help, a child needs your love." Man I feel like this pic... Why did he say this? (Paraphrasing) "Because you cannot know the nature of their potential, so how can you help them toward anything?" And isn't that how we can treat everyone? "We're all just babies in my view" said Andre 3000 of Outkast, and I agree. We are all children of the Living Creator--all we need is each other's love, not each other's 'help'. What this means is, instead of projecting what we think other people need, just love them for who they are, and life will take them where they need to be. Love is the real parent of all of us. Love is our very being. a Cosmic baby Whenever we resist, we have a stake in a rigid belief about who we are, instead of being the Love that we actually are. There is no technique or book that will help you to reach this realization; only your intense desire to remember yourself as Love itself will take you there. You have to be willing to destroy yourself, to dissolve yourself, for the self you destroy is truly a mirage. You know the saying "You can be anything you want to be"? This means that we can express many different versions of the self. Because of this, it means there is no true foundation to what you understand to be 'you'. If it can be anything, then, it has no basis in unchanging truth. The only truth that stands, is that underneath all form and creation is Love. Nothing but. This is what I am. This is what you are. Be Love for yourself. Love yourself as you would a child. Love children as you would love the world. Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

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