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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Spiderman is gay in 'Amazing' sequel?

Is Spider-man gay? We now interrupt this regularly scheduled blogging to talk about movies. Two sentences out of sequence, but isn't the first sentence shocking? That's probably why you're reading this now. So Andrew Garfield wants to make Spider-man like boys. He suggests that Mary Jane be modified into a male character, and suggests Michael B. Jordan as a potential love interest. Not only does Garfield want to make Mary Jane into a guy, he wants a black guy to play the part? I can see fanboy heads spinning in their seats. Or on a crazy internet raid, 'cause you know they most likely won't do anything but complain in the youtube comments. NOW LET ME MAKE MYSELF VERY CLEAR: There's nothing wrong with homosexuality, or 'biracial' homosexuality, I just have an issue with all these 'reboots' changing classic characters, instead of creating new ones. Leave Batman, Superman, and Spiderman the heck alone. (It wouldn't be fair if Superman were involved.) Create something new. Create a new gay superhero that changes what we think about superheroism, Not some wack reboot. (I think I wrote a blog post about these reboots before.) The studios are so fat and greedy they don't want to take a chance on anything new. I mean, on the internet, most movies are already talking two to three sequels in advance! That just destroys all the suspense for me. On the Internet there are no secrets-- But plenty of half-baked reboots with increasingly shittier sequels. Why is hollywood shoving all this entertainment down our throats, I ask? It can't have anything to do with keeping our attention away from Syria or Iran. ... Mm... Nah. Let's just be quiet and watch this creative new take on Spider-man. Excelsior, G.A.B.E. P.S. Apologies for my ramble, just had to get that off my chest. LOL

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