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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Words have feeling value, not fact value

I remember a disagreement I had with a friend of mine a few years ago; it was about words. My friend said "WORDS HAVE POWER" while I said " INTENTION BEHIND WORDS HAS POWER" Ha ha. I laugh about it today because I just got a realization within as I was sitting on the ish-er: SEE WORDS AS HAVING SENTIMENTAL VALUE, NOT FACTUAL VALUE. What does this mean? It means that the power of words is within the thoughts--or rather, feelings--of the beholder. 'Duh' said all the Law of Attraction/Yoga/Meditation heads out there. Ha ha, you guys are funny. But hang with me... I've realized that, in my human journey to realize my dreams, I've had to be honest about what my instinctual feelings are about people, places, things and ideas, but mainly my instinctual feelings about WORDS. Words are simply sonic vibration--it is our minds that give them meaning, and while we as humanity have a general agreement on the meaning of some words, most interpretations of words are as various as the amount of us on this floating rock. The instinctual feelings we have about words is what grounds us in our humanity, and our humanity is the tool we need to expand our consciousness. Without feelings, we don't have the fuel we need for the positive thoughts we create to get to the next level of life. There are many people in the world who claim to believe this and that, but if you were to really dig deep into them you'd see their feelings reveal different. But how does this apply to words you ask? Let me give you a personal example: I've been thinking about the word hope today, and how, intellectually, I despised the word because I was trying to attain some spiritual ideal. For anyone that has read the Tao Te Ching, "Hope is as hollow as fear." I also saw 'hope' as a word that abdicates responsibility, putting the power in another human's hands to change something it took millions of humans to create, for example. Or it could apply to 'hope' that God would change their life without doing anything differently. Basically, 'hope' threw away personal power because one was too lazy to do their part. Now I won't get into my reasoning as to why, on a certain level, these things are true to me, because that reasoning has nothing to do with what I instinctually feel. My 'reasoning' is merely an unprovable theory at this point. When I began on this quest of goal realization, I knew upfront I was going to have to let go of some beliefs--I'd heard so many speeches, audios, and watched so many videos on positivity and how to create success, I knew the general sequence of events. But again, "Knowing the path and walking the path" right? So whenever I hit a bump where I couldn't move any further toward my goal I HAD TO EXAMINE MY INSTINCTUAL FEELINGS, MY HUMANITY, MY REALITY CREATION FUEL. And being honest with what I found helped me to release the old, and embrace the unknown. It's such a human process to take initiative and build your life. You really get to see how vulnerable you really are, how much help you really need, and how you need to honor and cheerlead others as much as yourself, because when you do that, you are honoring and cheerleading yourself. It's really true. In times of desperation, I would reach out to God, and the only thing I had left in me was--you guessed it--hope. Hope for a better tomorrow. Hope that I will accomplish my goals. Hope for the best. But for me, hope wasn't a way to relinquish responsibility, as many people like to use the word. It became synonymous with 'faith'. I wanted to make sure that if I ever had hope, I would still take responsibility for what I was capable of, but to relinquish that which I was not capable of at the moment. For me that is the quintessential characteristic of a relationship with God, with my eternal subconscious, with my heart. So hope has its own meaning for me, because my feeling nature says so. My intentions are pure, I take full responsibility for my life, so when I say 'hope', it is simply a tool I have when no other tool will suffice at the time. Intuitive knowing will replace this on a consistent basis, but for now, as a resourceful person, I will make full use of all my spiritual tools to create a badass life for myself. Remember, WORDS HAVE FEELING VALUE, NOT FACTUAL VALUE. Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

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