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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Creation and opening up

Creation is an intimate process. It surprises me how few people can tap into that understanding. Sure, every artist has a different process, but shouldn't it be known that some artists want to be left alone? I do music. Every beat and song I craft is a meditation in the bowels (yeah I know, you can stop laughing now) of my soul. From that deep place worlds spring. So needless to say it can be a little irritating when a person who raps, sings, or makes beats wants to collab with you just because you both do the same thing. Understandable, but, it seems people get touchy when you don't want to work with them, when they don't understand that your priorities are different, your goals continents apart. I believe in giving people a chance, but when I'm rapping about how much I love chocolate cake, and you rap about how much it sucks--well, we could possibly work something out, but without clarity we'll be knocking heads. I'll be trying to change the song to make chocolate cake look good, while you're doing the opposite. This is NOT what I like to experience while creating. When co-creators are on the same page in their souls, magic happens. That's not to say there won't be disagreements, or even major fights, but a fundamental connection in that deep space is key to create, in my opinion. In the past I created silly reasons to ostracize myself from other creators--I was arrogant, thinking I was the best musical artist, I had the more original material, and I was untouchable. But somehow I missed the part of my life where I wasn't rich or famous, where I was struggling from check to check, and where I was severely isolated from people. Yeah, totally not 20/20 in that department. Now, I don't do that. Through a few awakening experiences, I realized, that I too, am human, I don't know what I'm doing at all in life, I'm completely a mess, and I've got miles to go before the goal of total self-mastery. So I respect everyone's journey, and I respect every artists' talent for what it is (unless a person really sucks, and I will hold to a person really sucking). If a person does what they do well, that's fine by me. I still don't open my doors to just anyone yet, because creation is so intimate for me, not social. It's a quiet, honest, close encounter with the muses. You don't forgo that connection just to be agreeable with another person. BUT. That's why I am attracting people with whom I can create in this space. Because it's so close, it will take a while to feel comfortable with these people, but ultimately it will be beneficial for my development to connect with others in this space, and create even more beauty together. It'll do me some Cosmic good to open up and let creative people in, and have them let me in, too. Light Beings, Unite! Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

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