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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Call Me Excelsior.

I am Serendipity Excelsior Expansion Joymagic, but call me Excelsior. I am a from the Joymagic Clan, and have been bestowed the title of Serendipity itself. The title would be akin to your 'Mister' or 'Missus', or even more specifically, like "Alexander 'The Great'". My common name is Excelsior, however, focused on going 'ever upward', and its quality is 'Expansion'. Everytime I refer to myself as 'Excelsior', magic happens of an expansive Joyful quality. The Joymagic clan began thousands of years ago, before mankind began to write. Everyone had better memories back then, because all we had to remember was to create within our Divine tendencies! The Joymagic Clan was, of course, one of many clans, and each clan was named for its particular Divine tendency. For example, my clan creates from a space of Joy and Magic, the force of the Universe that catalyzes manifestation. Other clans were Smilewater, Dancetree, Roostermonkey, EarthLaughter, to name a few. When humanity fell in consciousness, many of the clans disbanded, dissolved, reduced their numbers (by sending away those of less expansive consciousness) and went into hiding. Not all at once. The Joymagic clan was one of those that went into hiding. However, it was unclear whether we would survive the dark times. At one point there were only two beings that could truly be considered part of the clan, but due to our long life span (about 1000 years for the most advanced of us), we could stick around long enough to observe and recruit potentials. The thing is, because the world's consciousness had changed, fewer and fewer beings were being incarnated into the Clans. More and more were being born as what we today call 'humans'. So the search of each clan for potentials was not necessarily to induct new beings, though the Universe did have some surprises for us. I am one of these incarnated 'humans'. I have awakened into my true Divine purpose and heritage, and remember my Spiritual DNA linking to the Goddess of Joymagic. Yes, each clan has a deity, or a quality of consciousness, that we pray to, in order that we may continuously be infused with its power. However, to clarify for the humans, we have an understanding of worship and prayer that is beyond what your religions say it is. Aye, the religions are distortions of what came from our secret circles and mystery schools, but we are here to correct these distortions. The 'Excelsior' power within me was available to me, even in my human childhood, but it was too powerful for the world at that time. The humans that consummated to create my physical form had no inkling of subtle, spiritual things. Correction: my human mother had a stronger, more confident tie to the tides of Spirit and the subtle world than did my father. He worked his best to suppress Excelsior, though he did have moments in which his inner light would flash for a few seconds. And so the human counterpart of my consciousness had to be guided and trained to understand how to express me and let me out to play, which is all I ever wanted to do. Nope, no violent bloodbath of destiny for me, as most heroes' journey tend to undertake. My heroes' journey, along with my human consciousness, was one of peace and self-love. Now I am awake, I am present. My human consciousness still walks with me, but it understands where it properly fits. Most of you will call me by my human name, but I ask that you call me Excelsior. Everytime someone calls me that name, powerful, beautiful, positive, radiant, divine magic will happen for them, and for me. So remember this. I do not mind my human name at this point, but the name my Clan gave me is of a much higher vibration, and I want to invoke blessings for everyone in the world. There is a saying, or a mantra in Sanskrit, which I believe was around before the birth of the Clans, which goes like this: "Lokah Samasthah Sukino Bhavantu." This means, "May all beings be happy everywhere". This is, and has always been, my motivation, especially throughout this human life. May your eternal moment be filled with the Joymagic of blissful Foreverness, Excelsior Expansion Joymagic aka G.A.B.E.

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