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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Life hands you Man of Steel, make lemonade (Man of Steel movie)

Today I realized that, all my life I've settled for mediocrity from life, and tried to make it work anyway.  Tried to pretend the B.S. I accepted was enough. Well, no longer. I desire much more from life, and I desire to express and experience much more of myself. Of course, there is a delicate balance to be achieved and maintained in life. There's been this recurring theme where things tend to unfold at snail-like pace, only to reveal an inner truth, which is great, but no way to express that truth in the world, which kinda sucks. Enough of the prologue.... Where is my rant about mediocrity from life coming from? From the movie Man of Steel. Yes, Man of Steel. I haven't even seen it yet, but I usually have a sixth sense of whether I'll like a movie. I always felt that the movie would fall short somehow. I saw some clips and it just seemed like they totally missed the essence of Superman. Totally. What I mean is they missed it in his personality. There's a fullness lacking in Henry Cavill's portrayal that even Brandon Routh hit in the disappointing Superman Returns--and that fullness is 'goodness'. Superman is too dark here, too human. The thing that make Superman who he is, is his wholesomeness, his attitude for goodness and justice--he doesn't have a human struggle. The way I perceive this Superman is basically like getting ready for sex with a confident, liberated sex goddess, only for us to get naked and realize she's only 18 and never lost her virginity. Limp status. What is up with Hollywood? It's worshiped as the main credible source of movie entertainment, but they've been vomiting out bullshit over the past ten years, with an occasional WOWer, like elements of the 'Dark Knight' series. I mean there are thousands of independent filmmakers out there that can do what Hollywood's doing (albeit on a smaller scale) and much better! You guys in L.A. are too arrogant and lazy, running an out-of-date computer program. Give up your arms, and let the people make their own movies. Stop trying to make our old superheroes super-realistic to make them hip. It worked for Batman, but that doesn't mean you do that with every other comic book hero! WHERE ARE YOUR INSTINCTS?!?!?!?!?!? The Jor-El line "You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards" is one of the things from the trailer that got me activated to see this movie. However, it doesn't seem like that point will be driven home Man of Steel. After reading several reviews that the film is mostly action with little humor or heart, it confirms my suspicions. But I don't want my suspicions to be confirmed. I read this article by what seems to be a very sweet and powerful gentleman who was inspired by Superman all his life, regardless of the portrayal: Why I Love Superman Maybe I should be more like this guy, honoring the inner journey more than the outer. Maybe life isn't handing me mediocrity, or greatness. Maybe  life is just life, and to be in touch with one's inner strength is key. It's true, and I'm going to use my inner strength to make my own movies, and create my own heroes. Maybe all our tried and true superheroes are out of date. Maybe, instead of  reboots, we need ACTUAL CREATIVITY. Like I said, I haven't seen the movie yet, but I've seen a lot of clips and I trust my gut on this--it misses the essence of Superman. But I'm still gonna see it though. Excelsior, G.A.B.E. UNLEASH YOUR INNER SUPERHERO, TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE!!!

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