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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My man Eric on the Mic and the Science of Food and Eating

I am going to eat raw vegan. I'm already vegan, which is a great thing because my body feels so much better than if I were to consume milk, eggs, etc. No judgment to those that do, it's just not for me. Anyway I was to introduce to another powerful friend, Eric. He's a pro when it comes to throwing down in the kitchen. Why do I mention this? Because he eats and prepares a lot of raw vegan food. And it's fuckin' delicious. Last night, Eric invited me to take part in a vegan feast--lettuce wraps and his famous delectable 'Chewy Chunks' for desert. I unfortunately forgot to get the camera out as he had served it, but I caught everything on the tail end, before we decimated it all: What a beautiful eating experience that was--only one thing was cooked in that meal. If there's anything I've learned about eating raw vegan, it's that all the nutrients, protein, and others goodies for the body are right there, if you know how to supplement one thing for another. Whether you know it or not, eating raw vegan is the process of disciplining yourself to eat, not for emotional pleasure, but through the process of clearing the body of toxins in order to really discern when the body truly wants to eat. See, the thing you don't know is that you don't need to eat as much as you think you do. Not to knock cooked food (I still eat it currently) but a lot of cooked and processed foods are devoid of nutrients, so people who think that they need to eat a lot for the energy are sometimes unaware of how little they are putting into their bodies. I think of it like this. Your body is like a business, and the food you eat is an investment in a particular project. The body goes through its natural process of digesting the food, using the energy already available in the body (ATP and other goodies) to digest the food you have eaten for its energy. The issue here is this: If your body is like a business, then it's safe to assume that with everything you eat, you'd want an ROI, or return on your investment. YOU WANNA MAKE A PROFIT! YOU WANT YOUR INVESTMENT TO YIELD MORE MONEY (ENERGY) THAN IT HAS ON ITS OWN! But, with so much food being artificially created with little to no nutritional value, it actually takes more energy to process and digest the food than the food itself actually yields. SO In essence, The food you eat is TAKING ENERGY AWAY FROM YOU. It is draining your body of what it needs, not fulfilling, replenishing, or superseding the level of energy you were at before you ate the thing. So you're better off not eating that thing anymore. This is the reason I said earlier that becoming a raw vegan has a lot to do with learning to eat when the body says, not when the mind says. Many of us eat to satisfy our emotions, not our true physicality. This is one of the great factors that leads to a decline in health as a person gets older. Eating food with no nutrients and toxins in it destroy the body. But not all cooked food is bad. If you know the proper way to cook something, you don't rid food of it's nutrients. Let's see if I can shoot another video with Eric telling us how to prepare cooked food chock-full of beautiful nutrients in order to have nourishing meal.... Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

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