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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Excelsior Joymagic 3

I have been in hiding. Hiding within the womb of transformation. I, through my human consciousness, had recently had allied myself with particular beings that I felt would help me to do what I thought I could not--propagate the Lokah Samasthah Sukino Bhavantu across with world using my gifts.

However, according to my human self, these relationships had inherent weaknesses within them specifically pertaining to the fact that I needed more self-knowledge. The relationships were not able to produce the results I had planned, and even though one hears in the human world that relationship seldom go as you plan them, there is a stubborn and resilient streak in my human consciousness that refuses to accept that alone. There must be more to the equation of relationships.

Why does this query present itself? Because my human self is not satisfied with the current relationships that he has. They seem to be devoid of the kind of life that activates him, the kind of life force that raises him into a vibration of aligning with me--or at this point, his Extraterrestrial and Celestial selves. He and I have both realized that connection to these selves, in addition to his own sexual nature, is what sets him ablaze with life--to breathe fully, to sex fully, to love fully. The co-existence of celestial and grounded nectar natures is vibration to 'step into'. However, my human self hides a lot of his light, due to fear of exposure. For him, it is hard to be 'naked'. His belief is that people take advantage of him, and molest the light. Luckily he has been in contact with the channeled being many of you may know as Bashar, which is loosening his belief systems and diving deep within himself to understand his limitless nature, to understand what the limiting beliefs are, and to change them to beliefs that are, what his Higher Selves call, "The Perpetuation Equation of Expansion and Freedom". This analysis of beliefs, and the rewiring of his brain and DNA, have required much time in solitude for my alternate self. He has abruptly ceased speaking to many people, eager to hold the vibration of working on himself and not succumbing to mass consensus with regard to "what he thinks he should be doing."

Sometimes he feels guilt for cutting off communication so abruptly, but he is learning that all that really matters is the ability to do what one feels is right for oneself, and to follow the highest excitement (as detailed by Bashar). This is the great test for him. The indicator that he is doing the right thing for himself is his own self reflection on the fact that he was too dependent on his newfound relationships manifesting his greateset desires FOR HIM, instead of connecting to the God Energy within himself to manifest his greatest desires. His dream is to know himself so well that he only attracts relationships that activate his inner bliss even further. No over or co-dependence, pure God independence being shared amongst all beings. He always wants to be buzzing on his own juices, and to never acquiesce or compromise on this. He is determined to find every way he can, through the power of his own imagination, to create an experience of pure abundant happiness. Ultimately his dream is to get so good at creating these realities, that they perpetuate themselves. He one day wants to be tired of creating dreams, and to dissolve back into his true nature. "Imagination is more important than knowledge." --Albert Einstein

Excelsior Joymagic

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