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Friday, November 4, 2011

You KNOW...

I want you to do me a favor. Sit back. Relax. Say nothing. Do nothing. Just sit there and be with this. Sit with this for at least ten minutes. Do this while just observing, not reacting to, you thoughts and feelings. (But obviously if you need to use the bathroom, go for it.) When you're done, take a deep breath. Take a few deep breaths. Be with the silence you feel.

I'm only asking you to do this once, but, if you've done it for some time, you will feel something within you is ever watchful, ever patient, ever peaceful. If you've done it even longer you will find that it is You. You will see that no matter where you go, or what you do, this silent You within remains the same. No matter what you know, or don't know, this You always knows. It's not something you can communicate to another person. The knowledge is beyond what you can intellectually share. But you can live it. How? The life you live will naturally emerge from you.

I know I'm getting all old sage on you, but the fact of the matter is this experience is real, and I want you to feel it. Feel that ever-knowing presence that is you and me. Feel that timeless, incommunicable wisdom. It cannot be taught or bought. It can only be experienced, by YOU. Once you experience this wisdom enough, you will realize, that You, KNOW, everything.

But could you first do that little favor for me?

Love and Light,

Gabriel Goldiamond

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