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Saturday, June 7, 2014


I will never demonize religion. Make fun of its staggering ability to take itself too seriously, yes. Demonize it? No. I believe that the Universe helps us learn no matter what the medium. Wisdom is wisdom.

 I used to be Christian. I used to be Jewish. Both had their high points. After I had seen the evidence that my spirit was bigger than any religion, I no longer subscribed to them. 

However, seven years ago, I went through one of the darkest periods of my life. My being was vomiting out A LOT OF BS, and I had very little hope in myself. One night, very late, I couldn't sleep, so I turned on the television. I flipped through the channels, and came across one that featured Joel Osteen, a Christian preacher, speaking on hope and faith. At first I was about to change the channel--I'm not Christian, I thought to myself--but I was drawn in, and the message was so powerful, it eventually brought me to tears.

Listen, I could talk about the corruption behind any major figure in the world (trust me, they've all got some), but at that moment, I was shown that sometimes, beliefs don't matter. What matters is that you walk away with what's important for you to grow.

This is what the leaders and participants of organized religions, if they haven't already, need to learn.  Once all religions realize that they're all part of a prism that looks at the same Creator, but interprets this Creator through different perspectives, we can share an unprecedented level of peace that our society has known (at least in the last few millenia).




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