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Friday, January 24, 2014

My opinion of 'Her'

I really liked 'Her'. Phoenix really played a good character. When you really got to see him open up, you found he was highly articulate and aware of his own feelings. #SpikeJonze really wrote a badass script. I was totally lost in the movie, the acting was so blessed good. Powerful message at the end about Love--that the Heart isn't just a container that gets filled; it is something that expands proportionately to how much Love it receives. When Love expands our hearts, even if we cannot share life with each other in the physical, even if we move on, we do not Love each other less, only more--for the truth is--my addition--we are all connected, and we never really apart.

I am learning to see relationship as serving to expand my heart only, not to possess physical bodies. That is why Love does not and cannot possess. No matter how your relationships are, if you can really look and see how they have expanded your heart, they have done their job. G.A.B.E. aka Excelsior Joymagic

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