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Saturday, January 25, 2014

What is money REALLY?

I'm starting to look at what we call 'money' differently, and I've decided to not let the idea behind those pieces of paper rule my life.

I am not against those pieces of paper, I simply prefer an experience where I do not suffer for them.

No, currently I am not in the ideal financial situation (as a matter of fact, I only have a penny that I can count as my own), so lemme just clear the air on that one before I move on. People that write articles like this are 'broke' anyway with regards to those green papers.

Not that I intend to stay that way. However, given the new world humanity and I are creating for ourselves, the rules work a little differently when it comes to getting green paper.

1) you have to realize what money really is and

2) focus on making THAT, not the papers.


Because money is not paper; that's just what we're doing with it now.

So what is money then?

Money is an exchange, a relationship, that's all. It's an ability to 'do what you need to do when you need to do it' to quote one of my fave teachers, Bashar, but he calls it abundance.

Money is more an idea, a feeling than physical.

When you get up in the morning and feel really good, don't you feel like the world is at your fingertips, or at least that you have access to more possibilities? You feel relaxed, more open 'giving and receiving'? Well, that's money.

If you doubt me, ever heard someone say "I feel like a million dollars?" Yup. Even in that old saying real knowledge is hidden.

That good feeling you have leads you to make different choices in your behavior, doesn't it? You walk with more confidence, you talk to people you've never talked to before, you learn things about them you've never known feel exhilarated--at least, you feel joyful and content.

Those new things you were inspired to do and say may create new relationships, or lead to new opportunities. Or these relationships may be a door to new opportunities.

These opportunities may lead to still more opportunities that make you feel more joyful and ecstatic until you find a money-making opportunity!

Now I'm not saying this is guaranteed to happen, but if you understand how energy works, especially the energy of the heart, you can dig where I'm coming from.

The heart energy is the center of your being. Touch this center, and you begin to discover that YOU are the Source of your life (or you can call it God). This Source inside is what gives rise to the world--that is, even those papers most call 'money'.

This means that who you are is the creator of money as most humans know it. Thus, money is part of the Divine creation. When you touch the Source you cease to be paper money's slave and begin to become its Master.

Once you touch the Source, you begin to attract people places and things into your experience that prime you to attract mire money. You create relationships with these nouns, which function as silent place holders for the manifestation of money in your life. The more you nurture those relationships that Source has blessed you with, the more the Source within you Glows, making you more joyful and ecstatic about life.

Your joy and Divine ecstasy eventually are reflected in your experience as paper dollars, giving you the ability to take care of yourself financially.

So what is money? It is a living relationship with the Source within, and a living relationship with people, places, and things without. Excuse me--it is a POSITIVE Living relationship with the aforementioned. Therefore, if you are a conscious spiritual being, you must understand that cultivation of these two relationships is paramount to getting money in a Divine way. I dunno, maybe your way is different. By any means, this may be something that can help you understand the inner workings of money.


G.A.B.E. aka

Excelsior Joymagic        

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