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Monday, December 12, 2011


You know, I hear a lot of people talking about Love. Talking about fear. Talking about every experience is a choice between these two states of being. Before I make my argument, I'd like to go into the connotational definition of these two terms with regards to those of a particular spiritual awareness:

Love: The State of Being in which you see that everything in existence is One and connected. There is no such thing as separation in this awareness. Everyone and everything is seen as intimately You and intimately a part of You. From this state spring the positive qualities all the sages, gurus, mystics, and spiritual leaders have talked about over the thousands of years of spiritual history such as--compassion, kindness, patience, well-being, generosity, selflessness, empathy, acceptance, happiness and well-wishing for all beings, etc.

Fear: The State of Being in which you see everything in existence as separate and not connected to you. Everyone and everything is seen as an 'other' or 'foreign' to you. There is no thought of connection in this awareness, except to possibly more fear. From this state some of the negative qualities can be expressed in human beings such as hate, anger, contempt, sadness, resentment, insecurity, pride, greed, envy, sloth, lust, gluttony, wrath (anger), etc.

Okay. Those are the working definitions. You can agree with them or not, but these are what I am basing my argument on, so please bear with me...

Every experience that we have provides an opportunity to make a choice on how we perceive and respond to it. Love sees inherent connection and well-being; Fear sees separation and conflict. The Universe, in reality in intimately connected, and fundamentally, One. (Check out the research in quantum mechanics or quantum physics if you don't believe me.) Due to this fact, Fear sees what is not real, but if the choice of Fear is made, then this yields yet another experience that is perceived as even more contracted, more separated than the last.

Fear sounds really bad, right? "I don't want that experience!" I feel you. Being afraid is not fun. But to look at Fear as something to avoid or prevent is still being in the state of Fear!

If we see Fear as the enemy, we will be afraid to experience it--but oops, there is Fear!

The only way to deal with Fear--if you want to have an experience without it--is to LOVE Fear. Yes, LOVE Fear. Love sees connection, remember? That means that Fear is also part of existence, part of the Universe! It is not the enemy! It is just another experience!

When Fear comes up in your life, it is simply a signal of something in which you don't see the inherent connection of the entire Cosmos, y'know, the one that you're a part of?

When it hits, STOP. Stop everything you are doing and watch this experience come into your awareness. Accept it completely. Look into it. Know that it does not define you. Look deeper. Deeper. Allow it to settle in your mind. If you commit to this process, you will find that it dissolves every time or at the very least diminishes. But it always works.

Sometimes there are fears within our selves that keep popping up, that keep wanting our attention. Give it to them in stillness. Embrace the experience of the fear completely. Watch it dissolve. It may come up again--Do the same thing. If you do this enough you will find your life change dramatically over a period of time. This is one reason why many people find meditation extremely helpful for their lives.

Once again, LOVE Fear! It is the only way to get 'past it'! Then from there, you can make more empowered choices about your life instead of reacting to an experience that is not the truth of connection in the Universe! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! And go beyond!

Much Love (lol)

Gabriel Goldiamond

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