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Thursday, December 29, 2011

What is Meditation without Dancing?

I live in a meditating community. That is, a community in which most people know about and accept the existence of, and engage in the practice of, meditation. However, in my stark opinion, there is a consciousness that is quite rigid on the form of spirituality that should be expressed by those that meditate. It is so rigid, in fact, that most people in the community refuse to meditate altogether, or, they find that it is best for their life that they not meditate. I am not expressing this to diminish the divinity of anyone--quite contrary. I am expressing this to remark upon the fact that life must be lived in fullness. What is meditation without dancing? What's the point of experiencing wholeness within if you live a sterile life without? What's the point of Father Sky (what I see as meditation, in this case) without Mother Earth (living in the world, in the flow of life)?

What I am saying is, meditation is all well and good if you choose to do it, but remember to move your body; shake your hips and pucker your lips. Walk tall or not at all. Love, sex, and love some more. The wisdom is in the living, once you open your eyes, after all.



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