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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just got this in my email today...

...and it was very uplifting for me. But read this as if the letter is for YOU!

Dear G,

You are amazing. Many don't get your Wayseer nature;
but rest assured ...

The Wayseer experience is no more than this:
A heroic soul born inhumanely open
desperately yearning to express their truth.

To you ... a touch is a blow, a slight is a persecution,
a connection is an ecstasy, a friend is a devotion, a daydream is a
premonition, strictness is suffocation, and completion is death.

Add to your brutally sensitive soul the overwhelming need to
create, express, heal and transform -- so that without the outpouring
of honest truth, the creating of music or poetry or something of
meaning your very breath is cut off ...

You must create or disrupt - you must pour out your entire being
in each and every encounter. By some strange, unknown, inward urgency
you never feel truly alive unless you are risking everything to
express a dangerous truth you know inside.

Thank you for having the courage to create...
to transform...
to be yourself unapologetically.

For without your courage the world darkens
and suffers the absence of your light
and the rest of us Wayseers who are like you
would not have your courageous acts to lift us
and inspire our own.

Rise up,
Garret John LoPorto
from the Wayseer Manifesto

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