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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Marketing: The Image

Today I want to talk about Marketing in terms of image. When you like a musical artist, you're not only liking the music. There is something about what they are conveying to you, unspoken, that appeals to you.

A great example is Kanye West. If he emerged on the music scene wearing a durag, a fitted baseball cap, and low sagging jeans, he probably wouldn't be as popular as he is today.Why? What would that image have conveyed to fans? What does his actual image convey to his fans?

Whether we like it or not, our world is inundated with images for us as consumers to buy into. These images communicate unspoken messages to the consciousness of the consumer to get them to pay attention to whatever it is that is being 'sold'. 'Selling' doesn't have to be through a product to get money. Selling can happen through an idea to get support. Take the 'Green' movement--an environmentally conscious approach to various aspects of life. If an institution, say, a corporation, wants to promote recycling to the nation, they begin a marketing campaign, filled with images to appeal to the 'consumer' so the corporation can gain support for the idea.

As an emerging musical artist, i am thinking about these things because I want to communicate an honest message with you, both in my music and through the images. I am doing a lot of self-research so I know exactly what I want to say. So keep ya ear to the streets and your eyes on the blog; you'll see how this vision develops.

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