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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Live one day...

I just had a thought; can a person live one day, accepting everything as it is, without trying to change anything? Without trying to make it better? To improve? Can you live one day like that? Try it. Try to let everything happen without attempting to change it. Then when you go to sleep, review your day. Review your feelings. Review the things that really made you uncomfortable. Review the things that made you happy. Can you really do this? I am going to attempt it tomorrow. It's too late in the day to do it today.

I'm not talking about passivity; I'm talking about anti-anxiety. Most of the things we humans try to change are things that make us feel anxious inside, on some level. we may not consciously register it, but anything that we find to be unacceptable to our experience we 'correct', whether it be in our behavior, our thoughts, or even our emotions. Let everything happen in your awareness as if watching a movie. Don't anxiously react to things. Let them pass; they always do.

I am going to hold myself to this. So tomorrow is Acceptance Day. Boom.

Peace and Love,


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