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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just a word on something....

...Not relating to music. I wanted to share this idea with you, and I might be throwing some unfamiliar terms at you, but I believe that the majority of human beings have a calling that helps them find their place in the world, and they have degenerative habits. The first is called Dharma; the latter is called karma. With that said, I'll proceed on an insight I had into relationships:

Many people confuse love with codependency--person 1 needing someone to feed their insecurities because person 2 in turn needs them to feed their insecurities. It's draining on both people's energy, and actually suppresses each person's light to evolve, resulting in the slowing down of each person's growth (negative karma). The only way to create a truly free relationship is to cultivate strength within yourself to allow another person that you share yourself with to be just as free as you are to evolve in their own way. If they stubbornly resist, and refuse to be on their own path, and are adamant about draining you, get 'em off you! It may seem you are being mean, but you are actually freeing yourself and the other person from the tyranny of co-dependency. Straight up.

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