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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where the music is going.

Not going to lie to you guys, some things have been postponed due to certain circumstances (I know, really vague), but I have begun to see a new direction that my music is beginning to take.

Initially, I had decided that my goal in doing music was to send a more conscious message to the audience that had such pop appeal that people would gain understanding as to how to live their own lives in line with Nature. It's still a goal, but I realize now that what is more important have fun!

Music had become so dutiful, so business-like, that I could barely make it! So I am deciding now to scrap everything from the past (in my mind). I am going to be honest about me. Because spirituality is so intimate to me, that element will not disappear, I'm just making more person records now, too. I need to allow music to help me through the things I deal with in life, and still be able to send a powerful message.

I'm making things a lot more simple. Everything is going to be stripped down to the essentials, so I can make songs quicker.

These are the two things I have learned and I am beginning to implement for teh creation of the next project. Peace y'all.

Much Love,


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